Friday, September 23, 2016

Month Two, Sixteenth Year

We were unable to make the trek back to the Highlands to the nuptials of some PCs we are fans of.  So we dressed up for their wedding anyway and celebrated from our house.  Congratulations you two. :) 

Princess Lumpy

Got you Mama!
Spider Dash!
And not to forget the smallest Minions.

Super Skosh and Princess Gurky.

We wish them all the best.
Having fun watching the seasonal shift in the tidal activities of the nearby body of water.

Still weird to live close to it.

Party photo...two of us are in shadows.

The sun began to set and the temperature began to drop.

Skoshi was NOT a fan of this.

Gurky was perfectly happy snuggled up inside Hummingbyrd's jacket.

Grins is a very big fan of the beach.

Marking one month's passing in our newest party member's campaign.

Loving lvl 2  and lvl 3 Minions.

Meanwhile the older three Minions are working on their skills in home economics.



To the Aquarium!

Finding Dory creators visited here before making the film.

Once again we are so happy to have a yearly pass to the will see this evidenced all year long.

Real giant clam...

Not so real...but full of more precious pearls.

Splash Zone fun.

Some of our favorite buddies.

Pretending to be penguins.

Then watching the real things.

The Pacific octopus really liked us.  We were visiting for Cephalopod week.

Baby octopus.

Hickory's favorites...Cuttlefish.

Flamboyant little guys.

Oh and the real and original Doc Rickett's lab.

Gurky is the last to continue a long standing tradition and now we can finally do a collage of all of the Minions.

Ready?  Set?....GO!!!!!!!!!!! Can you Name the MINION!
Tell us how you did in the comments below.  We might just be nice and give the answers later.

WHAT?!?!  Are you serious mom...that is not faaaaaaaaaaaaair.

 So Hummingbyrd has officially had her hair grow out longer than she has ever had it be...and is equally officially done having it be that insanely long.

10 inches off.  Now to feed the starving baby.

Before images of a hungry minion.  And then the after.

Happy Nerdy Valentine's Day to us.

Time for some exploration with magnifying glasses.  The Hyrule Institute of Growing Heroes is now in session.  Astronomy was the fifteenth to sixteenth year of education.

Then watching the sun the safe way.

Salt dough planet surfaces and meteor/meteorite impact exploration followed later by radar pinging.
Hickory and Hummingbyrd spring for an espresso maker, missing the taste of the elixir of Europa.

Last night of lvl 3 Princess Lumpy

She changed what she wanted last minute for her cake...this did not end well.

She demanded she get to help make it...hence the one um...chocolate tower.

Now on to the loot

Having another girl around to squeal and ooh and ahh, was precious.

Nope, not twins...we swear.

The kids had free time to do whatever they got really quiet so we went looking for them.  This is where we found Dash and Grins.